POV-Ray Artwork

This is where I’m posting some of the earlier images I created using POV-Ray. They’re just thumbnails so click on the image to view the full sized version. Lately I’ve been publishing newer additions as separate articles, so check the Recent Posts list at the bottom of the page … see the Archives menu there as well.

A Transom

This is one of my first attempts at using area lights to soften the shadow edges.

Depression Glass Eye Wash

These items are made of various primitives using Constructive Solid Geometry, the amethyst glass is my favorite.

Brass Lamp and Crock

The lathe object was used to make all the items in this scene.

Wind Chime

A layered texture is used to give it that weathered look.

A Brass Compass

Instead of a conventional light source, this image uses a HDR image, and radiosity or global illumination to enhance the details that are left in the shadows. Look closely at the edge of the brass material. You can see the image map in the reflection.

Chocolate Bunny and Easter Eggs

Two new POV-Ray features are used in this image. The tiling pattern is used for the easter egg and ground plane textures. The chocolate bunny uses subsurface scattering.

Mother and Child

This image uses subsurface scattering for the soapstone material. The doily is an image map that was sampled then placed onto a transparent background.

Moai in a Gallery

The Moai came from the AIM Shape Repository, and was in Stanford triangle format so I used PoseRay to clean it up a bit and convert it to POV-Ray mesh2 format. PoseRay also helped with the fern model. The clay pot is a POV-Ray lathe object that I created. Scattering media was used to simulate the dust particles floating in the air.


One thought on “POV-Ray Artwork

  1. Very interesting work. Nice use of subscattering, for example. A technic I’m not mastering myself.

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