Making Containers with Epspline

Making containers just got easier for POV-Ray users, thanks to a great utility called Epspline!

Epspline builds easily on most Unix/Linux variants. In addition to some sort of Build Essential environment, the wxWidgets library is also required. It didn’t take much to get going, as the documentation is in pretty good shape. In about a half hour I was able to produce the two shapes (under dish and flowerpot) you see in the example below:

Lavender in a Flowerpot

Lavender in a Flowerpot

Before using Epspline you should already be familiar with the POV-Ray lathe and prism objects, the type of splines they use, and how they behave.

See Also:

  • POV-Ray: a spline based shapes tutorial
  • POV-Ray: the lathe object
  • POV-Ray: the prism object
  • Epspline: create and export flowerpot shapes
  • PoseRay: edit/convert 3ds plant model to POV-Ray format
  • UberPOV: create the environment and render the image
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